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    • EMS (electrical muscle stimulation device
    • Tones the legs
    • Targets the quadriceps and hamstrings
    • Uses 20hz to signal the muscle to contract and relax
    • 1 - 20 power levels
    • Connects to an app on your phone so you can track your results

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    Build and tone your quads and hamstrings with the SIXPAD Leg Belt. Using the power of EMS (electrical muscle stimulation), the belt utilises the brands patented 20hz CMM Pulse Technology to effectively stimulate dormant muscle fibres which often aren't engaged during a workout.

    The results? More toned thighs with significantly stronger muscles.


    • SIXPAD Leg Belt unit
    • SIXPAD Leg Belt gel sheets
    • SIXPAD Leg Belt storage board
    • SIXPAD Leg Belt storage case
    • UK AC mains charger
    • Support belts
    • Instruction manual and warranty






    This smart EMS technology device is combined with Cristiano Ronaldo's recommended 23-minute training programme, to give you the body you want in less time.

    Cristiano Ronaldo's very own personal training method is installed in the training programme of the device. The programme implements the warm up and cool down phases of training, as Cristiano Ronaldo recommends that these are essentials stages needed to accelerate results. Based on these recommendations, the device automatically adjusts the intensity throughout the programme when needed.

    “I've always said to myself that consistent effort to improve my capabilities is key to becoming the world's best. EMS is an important factor in achieving that improvement.” - Cristiano Ronaldo

    CMM pulse core technology

    The SIXPAD Leg Belt has EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology which works by transmitting electrodes to the targeted muscle groups, to help sculpt and tone. The SIXPAD Leg Belt specifically targets the quadriceps and hamstrings, using the brand's patented CMM Pulse Core Technology, it is changing the way athletes train and tone their muscles.

    How exactly does it work?

    Your muscles are made up of tiny fibres, often referred to as slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscles.

    Fast-twitch muscles are the ones which are relatively easy to build whilst training. However, they require lots of consistent training with a heavy load, meaning you'll need to train extremely hard to achieve the results you want. EMS technology is designed to allow you to work your fast-twitch muscle fibres even under a light load.

    70% of muscle fibres are left dormant during exercise, this EMS technology belt works to stimulate these muscles, and in turn enabling you to tone up in your desired area.

    How to use

    Step 1: Apply the SIXPAD Leg Belt Gel Sheets

    Step 2: Fasten the Leg Belt around the top of your leg

    Step 3: Adjust the power to your desired level

    Step 4: Start your 23-minute training programme

    Track your progress

    By connecting your Leg Belt to the SIXPAD app, you can track your progress, and receive motivational tips and advice to keep you going through your training schedule.

    The app is available for download in China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, South Korea, Spain and the United Kingdom.

    Recommended: iOS 9.0 or Android 5.0.

    SIXPAD Training Gear

    Additional Information
    Never use at the same time as the following kinds of medical devices:
    Implanted medical devices, such as pacemaker.
    Medical electrical equipment used to sustain life, such as heart-lung machines.
    Wearable medical devices, such as EKGs.
    Do not approach the areas of individuals who have medical device implants (such as cardiac pacemaker) with the main unit attached to your body (Keep a distance of at least 22cm)
    The following persons should not use this product:
    Persons with heart disease
    Women who are pregnant or have just given birth
    The following persons should consult a physician before using:
    Persons prone to allergies
    Persons with sensory abnormalities or problems with their skin (infection, inflamed skin or scratches)
    Persons with blockages of blood flow
    Persons taking medications
    Persons with malignant tumours
    Persons with any symptoms of cranial nerve abnormality (epilepsy etc.)
    Persons with an impairment in perception due to a significant peripheral circulatory disorder, such as from diabetes
    Persons with a fever (38 degrees celsius or above)
    Persons who need rest
    Persons with an acute condition, such as spine fracture, sprain, pulled muscle etc.
    Persons with a bone disorder, such as osteoporosis
    Persons with abnormal blood pressure
    Persons whose skin is irritated by gel sheets
    Persons experiencing any specific physical abnormalities
    Persons receiving treatment from a medical institution

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