Rio Beauty 14 Day LED Gel Polish Nails & LED Gel Nail Lamp

Upgrade your standard polish to a gel mani

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    • Use with non-gel coloured nail varnish
    • Add the gel top coat and base coat for longer wear
    • Cure in 60 seconds
    • Motion sensor & automatic timer
    • Includes lamp, clear gel top coat & base coat, prep & finish wipes
    • High gloss finish that lasts up to 14 days

    2 year warranty Official Rio Retailer


    The Rio 14 Day UV Gel Nail Polish and Lamp Kit is your cheat code to chip-free gel nails. And best of all, you can use it with your regular coloured nail polishes to get a longer-lasting finish than alone.

    The Rio 14 Day UV Gel Nail Polish and Lamp Kit has everything you need for your gel manicure or gel pedicure: prep wipes, base & top coat, UV lamp and finishing wipes. Simply sandwich your favourite non-gel nail polish colour in between the base and top gel coats. Don't buy new gel coloured nail polish. Use what you already have with the Rio 14 Day UV Gel Nail Polish and Lamp Kit and save money!

    Plus, with the motion sensor and automatic timer on this lamp, you'll get a quick cure on toes or fingers. Since there's no base, you'll not risk scuffing your nails trying to slide them in. Just set the lamp on over top for curing in 60s.


    • Rio LED UV Lamp
    • USB charging cable
    • Base & Top coat LED gel polish
    • Lint-free wipes
    • High shine finishing wipe






    why it works

    The Rio 14 Day UV Gel Nail Polish and Lamp Kit helps you save money by turning the nail varnish you already own into a gel manicure. Simply prep your nail bed before applying the base coat. Cure that layer. Then apply your favourite coloured nail varnish and let that dry down completely.

    Then follow with the topcoat and cure. Finish with the finishing wipe. This will provide a hard sandwich around your regular nail varnish leading to longer wear times of up to 14 days. And the kit is really easy to use. The lamp has an automatic 60s timer and motion sensor. So just set it over one of your hands or feet to let it cure.

    There's less chance of any scuffs or scrapes on your wet polish versus sliding your hands into a dryer. And it works to create not just manicures and pedicures, but for curing nail extensions too.

    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Wipe your nail beds with a prep wipe. Plug in the lamp USB.

    Step 2: Apply the gel base coat and cure.

    Step 3: Swipe on 1-2 coats of any colour polish. Let totally dry.

    Step 4: Apply the gel topcoat and cure.

    Step 5: Swipe over the finishing pad. Store.

    make it personal

    The Rio 14 Day UV Gel Nail Polish and Lamp Kit puts money back in your pocket by turning all your regular polishes into gel mani and pedis. Just pick your favourite polish, apply after the base coat cures and let it dry.

    Add the topcoat, cure and you'll enjoy up to 14 days of chip-free wear!" And the lamp cures gel manis, pedis and gel nail extensions too.

    Additional Information

    Key Features:

    Suitable for use with all UV and LED gels

    Cures in as little as 10 seconds

    Rechargeable & cordless design

    Offers 7 hours of use when fully charged

    Suitable for manicures and pedicures

    Detachable, magnetic base

    Motion sensor on/off activation

    365nm & 405nm UV dual output

    Auto timer - 10s/30s/60s

    Built-in 7800mAh lithium battery

    Long-life LEDs – 50,000 hours

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