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KITSCH Jade Crystal Facial Roller

Anti-ageing and de-stressing gemstone roller

KITSCH Jade Crystal Facial Roller

Anti-ageing and de-stressing gemstone roller

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使用折扣碼: NEW400可享現折400元 (消費需滿1萬元)


  • Contour your face with jade stone
  • See smoother fine lines over time
  • Massages serums and moisturisers into skin
  • Natural and pain-free way to boost microcirculation
  • Helps to relieve stress and facial tension
  • Roll over your face for 1 minute a day

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The KITSCH Jade Crystal Facial Roller is the perfect addition to any beauty regimen. Sculpt, contour and plump your skin - morning or night - in just 1 minute. It's double-ended, so you can use it across your jaw, cheeks and forehead, as well as target smaller areas like under your eyes.

To use, just apply a moisturiser, serum or oil and roll over your face in outwards motion; this will encourage toxins to drain from your skin. Skin will look refreshed, glowing and healthier-looking after just one use. Then, over time, see fine lines and wrinkles smoothed.


  • KITSCH Crystal Jade Facial Roller


why it works

The KITSCH Jade Crystal Facial Roller uses the principles of gua sha massage to drain toxins from the skin while sending blood and essential nutrients to the surface. This creates an instantly plumper and healthier-looking complexion.

Rolling over the face using gentle pressure activates your acupressure points to provide wellness benefits too. Relieve stress, relax tension and boost wellbeing all in just 1 minute a day. Made from jade stone, it's thought that according to Chinese medicine, it can heal, rebalance emotions, and bring harmony.

it's as simple as

Step 1: Cleanse your skin.

Step 2: Apply your favourite moisturiser or serum.

Step 3: Roll the device in long outwards motions, applying light pressure.

Step 4: Repeat all over your face and neck for 1 minute.

make it personal

Use with a moisturiser, serum or oil of your choice to push active ingredients deeper into your skin. You can use the device morning and night. Use in the morning to instantly awaken skin and reduce puffiness.

Try storing the KITSCH Jade Crystal Facial Roller in the fridge before using it for an extra refreshing treatment.



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